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Mohammad Reza Valipour

Founder & CEO

In recent decades, the link between universities, industry, and the market has been a primary concern of societies. As a student and university lecturer for over 17 years, I have investigated various approaches to apply my skills and academic knowledge to real-world projects, becoming obsessed with utilizing scientific and theoretical knowledge in the industry.

Doing practical research with my students was only partially satisfying because I saw a gap in industry management due to the demand for more academic minds. This gap led me to start a company of academic-based specialists to provide professional and scientific services for the industry.

We have built ASTCO based on 20+ years of expertise in construction, managing, building, and supervising residential & villa construction, commercial, landscape, restoration, and retrofitting projects.

who we are

Construction management firm serving for over a decade.

Starting from as small as a 12m² office space with just one employee, we aimed to provide structural optimization, retrofitting, and reconstruction services. Becoming the boots on the ground, we grew the business, managing the financials, employing the project managers and subcontractors (or many general contractors if the scope of the work requires it), and ensuring that the construction project was completed on time and within budget.


Total Construction Area

In construction, we have always given careful consideration to how to best utilise the space available to us.



All the apartments and buildings we construct come with a guarantee, and we have made it a point to maintain our word over the years.


Years In Business

Our company’s long-term goal has been to dominate the construction industry and set a new standard for excellence on a national scale.


Happy Clients

The customer loyalty we are now experiencing is a direct result of the integrity displayed by our company. Our mission and core values are integrity and customer satisfaction.

Our Values & Mission

Sustainable And Environment-Friendly Construction

We have shifted our focus to constantly changing climate challenges and their global consequences, and our architects and construction managers have adjusted their procedures accordingly. We placed a significant priority on sustainable and green building practices in order to reduce waste and safeguard the environment.

Incorporating Science Into Architectural Planning and Design

A complicated but essential requirement for modern building planning and retrofitting is the successful utilization of technology as a tool of science in architecture. We have always strived to establish a user-centred design strategy using design science and related technology.

Cost Reduction in Construction

Our company has always prioritized the quality of our built projects over all the other considerations. However, cost reduction is one of the most critical factors we must adhere to in order to achieve long-term growth. Therefore we employ Innovative technologies and methods of increasing productivity to accomplish these essential objectives simultaneously.

Domestic and International Market Development

The demand for general construction is expected to increase globally due to the constantly growing population. This means there will be more possibilities for construction enterprises to expand abroad. With a rich market of homeowners, property developers, businesses and other construction companies in our home country, we now aim to create a new target market by establishing new branches in different countries and intend to expand our business globally to develop homes for a larger population.

what we DID

Company Timeline


University Research

Our company's vision has always been to become the top construction firm and to raise the bar in the national construct.


The company was founded to fill a niche in the market for structural assessment and retrofitting services, which had previously been unavailable in the nation.


Established the subsidiary firms through the provision of construction facilities and innovative facade construction services

Villa Construction

The construction of villas, the company began planning and developing smaller communities such as hamlets and small settlements.


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Head Office

244 Elahieh Commercial Building, Nelson Mandella Blvrd


610-220 Brew St, Port Moody Bc V3h 0h6, Canada