Ariya Sazan Takin

Project Highlights

Company Approach

Most of the firm’s early work involved retrofitting existing buildings, and no single project exceeded 500m² in size. As we progressed and established more connections, we received several requests for building construction services, prompting us to broaden our activity scope and proceed all the way up to a Grade-2 contractor (the 2nd highest grade according to local standards), for which we met specific financial and track record criteria. Given the expansion in both size and scope of the projects, we decided to form subsidiaries to supply clients with specialized, high-quality services in order to meet their growing need for facade and interior finishing, landscaping, and building structure services. Today the total area of our completed projects is over 150,000m², and there are currently nearly 30,000m² under construction by our company.

At ASTCO we are deeply committed to our clients, value ethics, and strive for excellence. Strong leadership and planning skills enable us to anticipate and correct unanticipated issues. Efficiency and organisation are essential for finishing projects on time and within budget. Along with professionalism, it’s crucial to build long-lasting relationships.


To foster long-term partnerships, we focus on building and maintaining cordial relationships with our customers and meeting their expectations.
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We are committed to incorporating the client's vision into every project, regardless of its complexity.
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Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional value by obtaining the highest quality products at the lowest possible price.
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Highly qualified and experienced staff who are aware of clients' time, cost, and quality needs.
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We provide peace of mind to our clients by streamlining the construction process: we deliver quality without the hassle.
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