Ariya Sazan Takin


Niloofar Project

2018 - 2020
81-unit, 15,000

As our company joined this project after only a few floors had been built, and because it called for the upper floors to be structurally improved and implemented as a light structure, we took on this task and finished the remainder of the project as a part exchange.

Lamis Project

2019 - 2021
2,200 10-unit

The process of buying a home and turning it into an investment is complex. Prior to making a decision, one must examine a variety of factors, including budget, preferences, location, and accessibility. With the abundance of possibilities available today, selecting the ideal residence has become even more challenging.

Apartment living is the modern trend and could be the most affordable housing choice. Modern flats are space-efficient because they take advantage of cutting-edge architecture and interior design. Stylish finishes like stone benchtops, storage choices, and entertaining areas like a spacious balcony or courtyard are still available in a range of modern home designs. Furthermore, apartments are typically situated in a central area with convenient access to a variety of activities, including public transportation, shopping, dining, and recreational areas. We built this project primarily to provide an investment opportunity for our potential clients.

Mehrshahr Project

2018 - 2020
an 18-story building - 17,000

It can be challenging to decide between a home with individual living spaces and a community-style residence that provides various services. It is crucial to prioritize different aspects of the decision based on your demands before making a final choice.Both ways of living have pros and cons, but if we make a general comparison, we might conclude that home ownership on a safe site offers greater advantages. Within the context of site life, providing a safe environment and numerous beneficial amenities such as sports fields and children’s playgrounds is a significant benefit. These homes have become increasingly popular because of their many attractive aspects, such as their low maintenance requirements and the sense of community they foster among their residents. Estate life is also ideal for socializing. The places stand out due to their well-functioning social order, which fosters healthy, mutually beneficial connections. Participate or plan community involvement. You can contribute to events and festivals to spend valuable time together. Sites promise a lifestyle that meets our neighbourhood’s demands of all age groups. While children play in safe playgrounds, young adults in entertainment sections, adults in sports or conference spaces, and older people in the professionally maintained garden can enjoy complicated life by conversing.

Building the structure and wall systems

2018 - 2019
a 17-storey, 16,000 Building area

Our team’s ability to give the lowest feasible price while adhering to the highest specialised standards is one of its defining characteristics. The most advanced implementation methods were employed in this project, while still offering the lowest price submitted in the tender. Relying on our experience, our engineers conducted the structural calculations to the most advanced degree possible.

Evin Project

2014- 2015
40-unit, 14,500 Facade construction, landscaping, mechanical and electrical infrastructure and interior finishing

The best results are obtained when all aspects of a project are completed by a single team. One of the most important and effective principles in increasing the durability and useful life of a building is the compatibility between its outer layers and infrastructure. In this contract, as in many other projects, one of our cost-cutting strategies was to perform all the work ourselves as a single team.

Afsariyeh Project

2017 - 2018
three 120 unit towers facade construction and landscape design

When we look at a building as an aesthetic-functional work, the facade is the first thing that catches our eye. The first experience our senses understand of this work is obtained by passing through its landscape before entering the building. Coordination and harmony of the elements of the facade and the area are equally important, as is adhering to sustainability and quality principles in its construction. The aforementioned principles were correctly observed in this part-exchange contract, resulting in a sustainable, durable, and beautiful building.